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Mexico Trophy Bass Fishing

Mexico Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Mexico Peacock Bass Fishing South America

Peacock Bass Fishing in South America Bass Fishing Adventure Trips to Mexico, Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure Trips in Venezuela and the Amazon.

In over 25 years of bass fishing, professional bass angler Pat McCarty, has acquired a wealth of knowledge on "world class" bass fishing destinations. Through Bass Adventures he shares this experience with you.

From tangling with Lake Baccarac Lunker Largemouth Bass  in Mexico, to battling ferocious Peacock Bass in the jungles of South America he has fished hundreds of lakes and rivers for Largemouth Bass and Peacock Bass.

You can enjoy the advantage of this experience by booking your "Ultimate Bass Fishing Adventure" with Bass Adventures.

Bass Fishing MexicoFrom this website you can get up-to-date, accurate information on the hottest new bass fishing destinations in Texas, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. You can see photos of our lodges and lakes, read bass fishing reports and book your next trip.

Here you will find information on the best bass fishing lodges on Lake Baccarac, Lake Aquamilpa and Lake Huites in Mexico where you can catch a trophy bass on Lake Baccarac or enjoy the hottest bass fishing action at Lake Aguamilpa or Huites.

Everyone that has tried it agrees that Peacock Bass are the ultimate bass fishing challenge.  These beautifully colored freshwater monsters often rip hooks from your lure and break 20 pound test line like thread!!! 

Peacock Bass Lodge, on the shore of Lake Guri, Venezuela provide the Peacock Bass angler comfortable accommodations, great food and the world's greatest Peacock Bass fishing experience!!!

Lake Baccarac Lodge, the only bass fishing lodge for Lake Baccarac, is your best chance to catch a largemouth Bass weighing over 10 pounds.  If you're looking for a trophy largemouth then Lake Baccarac is the best place to look!!!

Enjoying the beach at Puerto Vallarta on a Bass Fishing trip to Lake AguamilpaLake Aguamilpa, near Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the hottest new bass fishing lake in Mexico, and arguably the world  for that matter.  Like Baccarac there is only one lodge on the lake.  Newly constructed in 1998, this lodge is located on a mountainside, overlooking Lake Aguamilpa, offering the bass angler a spectacular view of the lake and surrounding mountains while enjoying a few cold drinks and delicious meal.

Lake Aguamilpa offers the avid bass angler the best bass fishing action of any lake in Mexico, if not the world, with catches of 30 to 100 bass per day ranging in size from 3 to 10 pounds.  The best lake for numbers of bass!!!

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Mexico at one of these great bass fishing lodges!!!

  Bass Fishing Mexico and Peacock Bass Fishing in Venezuela and the Amazon

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing on the Rio Negro

Bass Fishing Mexico and Peacock Bass Fishing in Venezuela and the Amazon

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